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Decals and other cycling restoration goods supplied worldwide. 

A great frame, valuable for its heritage or simply it's sentimental value deserves the best decals. Poor quality decals which could save a couple of dollars can halve the value of your bike. I am always helping customers who have purchased low end decals elsewhere. 

Dedicated to the craft of restoring cycling history

Cyclomondo is as crazy as you are in seeking the

unobtainable to restore rare and beautiful works

of cycling art that only we really understand and get.

As enthusiasts we are all commonly misunderstood.

That is what binds us together.

The bikes speak for themselves!

'Exquisite bicycles transcend what might be an ordinary life'  quote Greg Softley

All decal sets are available for purchase and I send to every country. Please contact me for a price and bulk discounts can apply.

Worldwide shipping.

Free velcro gloves for whoever sends me the funniest caption for man riding with two sheep


“They said a quick delivery of 2 small packages—I guess they pulled the wool over my eyes” Thanks Mark Davis

'I've heard of wool jerseys, but never saw one til now' thanks Stu Gotts

Are you shearing mate? Nah their all mine!  Works best with a kiwi accent ..thanks Col Stewart