Cinelli decals and components  from the early 50s to the start of the new millenium

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Cinelli downtube decal sets. For a full set to complete a frame expect a cost of $40 to $50 US depending upon extent of  kit.

Top is the standard set you will find from the early 50s and the lower one is from a small run of Mod. Bs from the early 50s.





Crests. (not to scale here)









Seat tube decals covering 3 types and 30 years







Seat tube bands from different eras 










 Cinelli stem pinch bolt for steel cinellis stems. These are remanufactured using improved materials and triple chroming.

$35 US plus postage




Early 50s to mid 60s seat binder bolt. Remanufactured using better steel than original (was the original made from steel or cheese at that time??)

$35 US plus postage



Cinelli SC set from 80s. These are available in Black, white or gold with a choice of SLX Columbus or Columbus Air for the Laser set which is also available $45 US plus postage








Brugelmann decals for the Cinelli Legerissimo model. These are an extra cost over a standard kit.

Brugelmann of Frankfurt was the largest bicycle dealer / mail order house in Europe and sponsored many great marques such as Raleigh Ilkston SBs and Kessel Merckx. They had commissioned several series of Cinelli SCs in the 70s to their specifications with extra lightweight components and frame features. These are highly collectable even for a rare bird like classic Cinellis.




 Cinelli headbadge screws and stem badge screws. 2mm and 2,5 mm threads.